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2023 - FALL - Narberth Flag Football League

2nd to 8th grade



Who can Play?
Girls and Boys who are 2nd to 8th grade 


We do not have a program for High school students


You do not have to live in Lower Merion Township or Borough of Narberth to play in our league.


Where are games played?      

Welsh Valley Middle School - 325 Tower Lane, Narberth   

Do not bring your dogs to the fields



All games played on Saturdays


2nd:   9:00 to 10:00    (arrive at 8:30 for optional practice)

3rd:    9:00 to 10:00    (arrive at 8:30 for optional practice)

4th:    10:00 to 11:00  (arrive at 9:30 for optional practice)

5th:    10:00 to 11:00  (arrive at 9:30 for optional practice)

6th:    11:00 to 12:00  (arrive at 10:30 for optional practice)

7th:    12:00 to 1:00    (arrive at 11:30 for optional practice)

8th:    12:00 to 1:00    (arrive at 11:30 for optioinal practice)

*Game times can change based on number of teams


  • Only practice time allowed - 30 minutes before game time starts.  
  • Your child does not have to attend practice, but should arrive at least 15 minutes before game starts


Registration Fee:  $155 per player


What equipment do I need to play?
Mouth guards are not mandatory, but strongly encouraged. Recommended that cleats should be worn.  An official team NFL jersey and belt will be provided at 1st day of games.



September 9, 16, 23, 30

October 7, 14, 21, 28

November 4 (rainout date)

(LMSD closes all fields on Nov. 11)



Wed, Sept. 6 at 7:00pm Narberth Borough Hall - 100 Conway Ave, Narberth - Upstairs in conference room


TEAM ROSTER will be emailed Thursday night - Sept. 7 by NAA


  • All players will get equal playing time.
  • No scheduled practices during the week   
  • Practice can be held before the game for only 30 minutes- not mandatory to attend.
  • No practices will be held in backyards, parks (we do not have permits), parking lots etc…



  • We have a teammate request ONLY for 2nd to 5th grade which can be entered on the online registration form.  
  • Only grades 6th to 8th will be selected by coaches at coaches meeting.
  • All siblings in the same division will be automatically placed on the same team.
  • If you volunteer to coach your child will be placed on your team.  
  • We accept two coaching requests per team, the other 3rd coach, NAA will assign.



  • Lower Merion School district makes the decision to open or close the fields due to weather or poor field conditions.  
  • NAA waits for an email from LMSD and we receive it early Saturday morning.  
  • NAA will email all parents/coaches if games are canceled by 6:30am.  Do not email your coach or NAA asking if games are cancelled.   
  • If games canceled it will be posted on the NAA main home page.  LMSD closes all their grass field for their season on Nov. 11.


How to Volunteer to Coach

  1. On the registration form, please complete questions with the volunteer's name and email.
  2. Complete background clearances (we accept copies of clearances)

NAA will email all coaches with season information final 2 weeks of August. 

 All coaches must attend coaches meeting to Draft teams (or at least one team rep).  You will receive jerseys, flags & practice balls at the meeting.


Background Clearances for COACHES

It is mandatory for all NAA volunteer coaches to submit background clearances.  Please go to the home page of NAA & click on "Volunteer Coaches Clearances" for information on how to complete.  Please email background clearance forms to